Our Team

Afghan, Seyyed Yasha Ullah K

Chief Executive Officer

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Mr. Afghan’s solid entrepreneurial experience alongside with the holistic aptitude for Information Technology, are strongly complemented by his working experience of more than 19 years with some of the major organizations in key industries and expertise with leading tech sector players such as Microsoft, Hughes, i-Direct, Cisco, AT&T, MCI, Lucent, Oracle, Symantec, Secure Computing, Acer, Adaptec, StorageTek, Veritas and BakBone.
His interest is in creating a work ethic eco-system to value transparency and accountability in all our professional & philanthropic work, with clear policies and procedures, while displaying the utmost level of honesty in our financial dealings.

Most simply, Afghan has been a business builder his entire career. He is a serial entrepreneur and today he is advising, consulting and motivating a range of clients both in the U.A.E and internationally. Additionally he teaches Entrepreneurship and Corporate Strategy alongside with a Board position as the Strategic Outcome Adviser for a Philanthropic Educational NGO.


  • Entrepreneurial Ventures & Turnaround
  • CEO Leadership and P&L Execution
  • Strategic Partnerships & Business Planning
  • Business Plan Preparation and Implementation
  • Operational and Human Capital Management
  • Marketing, Branding, Sales & Sales Strategy
  • Innovation, Technology and Education creating Ecosystems

Thomas Goslee

Chief Operating Officer

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Thomas T. Goslee is co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of mHealthcorp, Switzerland. Based in the Dubai, UAE branch, he is responsible for healthcare IT solutions design – enabling Telemedicine services; teleradiology reporting and hospital integration to improve patient care, maximize clinical workflow processes and improve healthcare staffing efficiency.

As a Swiss/American passport holder, in 2005 he was an initial member of Nighthawk Radiology Zurich reading center: the first International Teleradiology Company to station American board certified, sub-specialized and fellowship trained radiologist outside the U.S. in Switzerland and Australia. Thomas has been at the forefront of expanding International Teleradiology Cloud-Based Services for nearly a decade.

In 2010, Virtual Radiologic (the largest teleradiology firm worldwide) acquired Nighthawk and contracted him to supervise its Zurich Operations, where he excelled at providing clinical workflow/IT support for more then 400+ Radiologists on three (3) continents.

In this fast-paced environment, Thomas acquired a comprehensive understanding of Teleradiology Emergency Reporting, Imaging Informatics and Critical Findings knowledge while reviewing and distributing more than 4,000 sets of “stat” images. This included mandatory adherence to American College of Radiology (ACR), The Joint Commission (TJC) formally (JACHO) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance procedure protocols. He is a member of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT); a subscriber to the ¨IHE Radiology Planning Committee¨ group and IHE Europe Connectathon.

Over the last four (4) years, Thomas has performed in-depth GCC teleradiology market analysis in KSA, UAE and Qatar. He has a keen understanding of the key players and experience creating strategies to enter these healthcare markets for telemedicine solution providers; specifically teleradiology, with technical and clinical workflow implementation. He has visited and provided demonstrations of Telemedicine solutions at several GCC hospitals – demonstrating the cost advantage; improvements to patient care and safety procedures while advising on change management and streamlining staffing needs for more efficient utilization.

He participated in commencement ceremonies in 1988 at North Carolina Central University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and studied ROTC leadership training at Duke University.

He is dedicated to improving patient care and safety throughout the GCC region via interoperability of advanced healthcare applications and empowering medical professionals to deliver improved patient outcomes by standardizing, streamlining and simplifying hospital workflow integrated processes.

Jerrold Johnson

Chief Commercial Officer

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Jerrold Johnson has over 25 years of management, technical, marketing and business development experience in a broad spectrum of industries including Healthcare, Information technology, and Energy. He has extensive experience in bringing new medical therapies to market and managing their growth in a diverse array of Government and Private Healthcare Systems. He has worked as a technical consultant on the Hubble Space Telescope Project at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Following his career in the technical arena, Jerrold worked for one of the largest healthcare corporations in the world, Pfizer Inc. His specialty areas included extensive clinical knowledge in the areas of Endocrinology, Cardiology, Anesthesiology, and Pain Management. He was involved in the launch and market development for some of the most successful products bringing new medical modalities to improve clinical outcomes in healthcare. He has spent the last several years advising companies on the use of disruptive technologies and the full integration of cloud services. Implementation of strategic initiatives related to Cloud based solutions, redefining the Total Cloud Ownership experience with a suite of enterprise-grade applications that can be deployed easily and securely across any environment, from private and public clouds, to hybrid, on-demand, or on-premise environments.

Jerrold Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University.

Maroof Ayub

Chief Strategy Officer

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This consulting role blends with his active participation in the business of mHealthCorp Middle East bringing on board the following specialities:

  • Strategy coach – simplifying what others make complex and then helping the whole organization understand how they align with the strategy.
  • Multipliers Workshop Leader – helping our senior management understand how to access twice a much intelligence and capability from their teams
  • Facilitation of challenging groups to achieve specific company results – for example: corralling Managers to meet business objectives; persuading entities to break down silos and work across departments; helping solution designers, project managers and implementation contractors work well together on a project – Restructuring of business models into more profitable and sustainable with capacity to build loyal task-forces of complementary talents, driven both by results and values

The Advisory Board Member element at mHealthCorp Middle East LLC means that Mr. Ayub will forever have a connection with this ‘baby’ he has been a part of forming. Advisory Board Member and a Consulting title means that he is 100% accountable for protecting the core values & purpose of the group, and ensuring the team and clients experience these everyday

Hisham Bin Ismail

Chief Information Officer

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A top-level corporate IT professional with 30 years’ experience including 10 years in healthcare, 13 years in investment banking, 7 years in software development and consulting sectors. Vast experience in areas of IT strategic planning, projects management, software development and IT business operations management. Charted a personal growth curve from a technical manager and eventually to a ‘corporate saviour’, tasked with aligning business and technology for leading-edge undertakings.

Recognised as a renowned speaker in various IT conferences (Malaysia, Singapore, Beijing, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, India) and round table discussions on current IT landscape. Pioneer of digital hospital implementation and automation in one of most advanced private hospitals in Abu Dhabi (Middle East), leveraging best practices. Proven success in contracting, negotiating, organisation development and change management, financing, accounting, strategic planning and action planning. Known to be a credible, hands-on business leader and technologist with a direct decisive style and unique leadership experience and IT skill.

Dr. Qasim Latif, M.D.

Chief Marketing Officer

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Being a qualified surgeon and a carrying a certified Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and Management, Dr. Latif brings with him 17+ years of experience of clinical and management, with the last 7+ years specifically in extensive cross – functional exposure to organizational processes and systems, absolutely imperative to understanding clearly the multi dimensional interplay of the healthcare business of the organization and its Human Resource. In his tenure he has worked with the Government of Punjab and UNFPA on the Family Development and Planning MNCH programs as a technical advisor. He is successfully running a franchise operations of Pathology Lab centers and brings with him the focus on following subject matters :

  • Marketing, planning, estimating, purchasing, engineering, accounting, cost control & scheduling on multiple VLAR projects
  • To find and create viable Business Model based on market research
  • To apply and lead innovative project approach such as Integrated Project
  • Human Resource Development and Management
  • Organizational development & Training Need Assessment.
  • Project Management & Preserve quality assurance and control
  • Healthcare Policies Design & Administration
  • Healthcare Automation, Database Management, Systems Design & Implementation
  • Delivery (IPD), Lean process, Modular system, V.E. guides and PM integration

Salah Abdul Razek

Chief Human Capital Officer

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As a pivotal Enterprise Sales Head at mHealthCorp Middle East, Mr. Razek serves as the “voice of the work force” with his colleagues in all major company decisions.

He brings with him 19 years of total work experience with 16+ years in sales for IT, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud, and Enterprise Applications. He has a methodical 360 view of setting up teams and executing growth strategies for new solution areas in emerging markets. With 10 years of people / manager management experience in a multinational work environment with cross cultural / regional teams and 14 Years in MENA markets.

Because of his Diverse industries experience in IT sales and consulting roles, he currently leads the sales teams at mHealthCorp Middle East, and his teams are responsible for revenue generation for the company. He is dedicated to representing client interests with regard to technology, operations and team building investments, and is the trusted advisor to C-Level management.


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