15 Reasons and Benefits

High-quality, comprehensive and detailed reports with rapid turnaround, focusing on acute care triage decisions that allow for more optimal patient care and shorter Emergency Room stays – maximizing hospital staff efficiency and productivity. Which lowers overall healthcare delivery cost, increases quality and improves patient outcomes.

  • Exceptionally high quality: Radiologist trained at best training programs

  • All interpreting staff is Western Qualified, Trained and Certified to work as licensed Radiologists from within or outside of the United States

  • Enable centers to handle low volumes without actually hiring a permanent radiologist

  • A Sophisticated Radiology Workflow Platform designed by Pioneers in Radiology

  • Low TAT (Turn Around Time)

  • Flexibility and responsiveness to your individual needs

  • Consistent reporting with internal peer review process

  • Smooth IT migration to our server

  • Radiologists always available to discuss findings via email, chat, voice and video

  • Focus on training and research

  • Sub Specialty Reporting

  • Fewer radiologists to credential

  • No hidden costs

  • Emergency coverage

Benefits for the patients

  • People living in rural areas, or other areas without access to specialist care services, are able to consult with their healthcare provider without needing to travel a long distance
  • People living with chronic conditions, who need regular monitoring of their vital statistics (e.g. checking heart rate and blood pressure on a weekly basis) are able to send the information to their physician without needing to physically visit their physician
  • Individuals who are homebound (e.g. confined to a bed or wheelchair) will not need to travel to see their physician, instead, they can have a caregiver monitor their condition and send updates to the physician on a timely basis. This is especially beneficial for people recovering from the effects of stroke, a heart attack or serious car crash.
  • Having access to laboratory test results online will reduce the need for patients to visit their physician to have access to their test results
  • The increased level of collaboration leads to patient-empowerment, which results in more patient-centric care provision.

Benefits to the Healthcare Provider

  • Shorter waiting times in a clinic due to fewer patients having to physically visit the site, leading to improved capacity to serve more patients
  • Greater collaboration between healthcare providers can lead to cost savings (for example, a hospital can rely on the services of specialists from different hospitals using telemedicine, without having to employ specialists at each of the hospital sites)
  • Increased ability to regularly monitor a patient’s condition, enabling physicians to provide better quality of care, tailored to the patient’s needs
  • Patients can be release from hospital earlier, freeing up beds for other patients