Why Us


Hospitals, health plans and companies deploying e-Healthcorp can rest assured that their members have access to a cost effective secure platform that can increase operational efficiencies, reduce member costs, and improve patient satisfaction.


e-Healthcorp enables immediate mobile medical care to patients from their home, office or even when traveling. It helps patients avoid long waits in hospitals or other urgent care clinics and without utilizing expensive medical venues like the emergency rooms.


Practitioners and caregivers can achieve more personalized patient reach with our advanced tele-medicine solution. e-Healthcorp can provide easy access for follow-ups and monitoring with this patient-centric system focused on value.

  • e-Healthcorp UAE is the first and only Tele-Radiology company, to offer the diagnostic interpretation services of American and European Board-certified, fellowship trained radiologists to the Middle East specifically to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE regions.
  • e-Healthcorp UAE was formed by a core group of radiologists and a non-radiologist IT/clinical workflow professional with long careers in the largest US Tele-Radiology companies. Our radiologists were among the first to be deployed internationally to read images utilizing advanced cloud based PACS solutions.
  • We experienced the growth not only of international radiology practices, from small start up Tele-Radiology companies to industry-dominating leaders, but also the parallel growth of Tele-Radiology in the US and in the world from a small curiosity to an established way of practicing radiology.
  • Our radiologist’s performance is standard setting in the industry, with the largest volumes, and shortest turn-around-times.
  • Our IT professionals are well versed in all aspects of Tele-Radiology workflow. We optimize beyond RIS/PACS systems to increase efficiency with integrated multi-modality zero-foot print viewers deployed seamlessly via Universal work list that stream data. The enterprise VNA platform reporting solutions is IHE compliant offering Tele-Radiology service subspecialty workflow at a lower cost and with greater flexibility.
  • We have experienced the most rigorous Quality Assurance program, with essentially 100% over-reads, and are well positioned to deliver, administer, and oversee these systems.
  • We are dedicated to bringing these technologies and standards to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • e-Healthcorp UAE was originally developed in Zurich, Switzerland for the specific purpose of practicing teleradiology within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as is its sole pursuit.
  • e-Healthcorp UAE understands the challenges of developing Tele-Radiology in the KSA. We believe that these challenges are best approached by synergizing with a local Saudi partner.
  • The practice of Tele-Radiology is not simply radiology practiced from afar. The technology requirements are different and the knowledge set required of the radiologists and the IT professional are different. Our group and partners understands how to optimize technology and workflow to achieve efficiency that is unparalleled in a traditional practice. We also have adopted a standard of quality assurance that is far more stringent and comprehensive than is typically encountered in private and academic practices.
  • We work with local KSA partner to optimize their systems for the practice of Tele-Radiology in order to provide our customers with services that are not available from the major technology providers, offering significant added value, both in systems architecture, as well as in professional services.