Enterprise Image Management


Own and Control Your Imaging Data


Our Technology Partner Imaging Platform provides the most robust, fully-functioned product set in the industry for clinical
archiving and communication. Unlock your archive and unleash the vast potential of your imaging data to improve patient care, revenues, compliance, and physician
satisfaction across the enterprise.

Enterprise Imaging Platform accelerates care delivery, centralizes access, and lowers IT costs across the enterprise:

  • Facilitate cross-department patient information sharing, improve diagnostic efficiency, and reduce IT expenses associated with sequestered, proprietary medical image archiving systems.
  • Align clinical departmental and enterprise communication workflow to drive adoption and transform delivery of care.
  • Enable tele-services with advanced communication techniques that protect health information, ensure efficient communication, and enable localized acquisition from across disparate enterprises.
  • Imageenable your EMR on a vendor neutral platform to meet Meaningful Use requirements.
  • Maintain patient data integrity by leveraging standard methods of identifying patient information across disparate systems.

Clinical Viewer

Our Technology Partner enabled Clinical Viewer is a web-based, zero footprint viewer that enables image viewing on your HIS, EMR, physician portal, patient portal, and mobile device. A solution created for patients and clinicians, Clinical Viewer enables universal access and sharing over the web regardless of the media format. Integrate, train, and deploy a single viewing solution across a user community leveraging numerous platforms and devices.

Centralized Web Viewer

Images can be accessed from any connected department (radiology, cardiology, dermatology, etc.), site, or mobile device across your enterprise. With simple URL links, your web-based EMR portal activates Clinical Viewer, which displays the image data for the specified patient record on the end-user workstation or web-aware device.

Universal Access

Provide access to both DICOM and non-DICOM media through a single viewing interface that functions consistently across workstation, personal computer, and mobile device platforms. Simplify training and roll out. Simplify integration to EHRs. Build upon a solution that enables universal access, protects health information, and lowers IT costs.

Functionally Rich

Provide patients and physicians with a feature-rich interface designed to be simple. Remove complexities and challenges with user adoption while still providing the tools required for effective reviews and treatment planning.

Secure Access

Securely view images through the latest encrypted web protocols and role based directory authentication services.

Simplified Integration

Integrate clinical viewing through standard web protocols.

Your time is valuable

Video consultations give you the flexibility to treat patients from your home or office. You control the scheduling to fit within your regular in-office times or evening hours. Choosing mHealth Corp Platform as your telemedicine provider adds versatility to your practice while allowing for better management of both your personal and professional time.

Practice and revenue growth

Online consults help you attract new patients, regardless of location, and increase profitable encounters with existing patients. By choosing mHealth Corp Platform as your telemedicine provider a new avenue of marketing is opened to you with your unique practice website and online presence — a service not offered by the competition.

Easy and affordable

Our low-cost, simple setup lets you treat patients with your current broadband internet connection and webcam. With no expensive equipment to buy and easy credit card billing you’ll see an immediate return on your investment.

Ease of use for both you and your patients is one of the major benefits of choosing mHealth Corp Platform as your telemedicine provider.

Improved productivity

Video consults make it easy for patients to keep appointments regardless of the weather, changes in their schedule, or transportation issues. Knowing their support is just a click away helps save them time and money.

Choosing mHealth Corp Platform as your telemedicine provider creates a smoother treatment process for you and your patients. This results in higher patient satisfaction rates and increases the likelihood of patient return and patient referrals.

Evolve your practice

With mHealth Corp Platform as your telemedicine provider you have the power and flexibility to offer extended hours, reduce in-office time and overhead, and even enter semi-retirement. Online consultations help you better manage your practice, as well as your time, in a way that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Zero Footprint

Requiring only a modern web browser, enable access to medical imaging data through zero client side installations and with zero clinical data downloaded to the client, protecting health information.

Comprehensive Technology

  • mHealth Healthcare XChange is built on an Intersystem Ensemble platform architecture with hub & spoke model which simplifies scalability of network routes with efficient data transportation.
  • Secure application to application messaging for healthcare industry (Clinics, Hospital, EMR/EHR, Labs, Payers etc).
  • Standards based messaging (HL7 2.1 to 2.6, 3x, CDA (CCD and CCR), EDI, etc. )
  • Secure data exchange ( SSL, FTPS / VPN).
  • Secure information access based on User and Role definitions.
  • Data validation on fly, Logs and event viewer analysis.
  • Complete tracking of the HL7 messages (Audit trail).
  • Easy to use and maintain web based system & Dashboard.