One Patient + One Chart


– Patient Care & Safety is Suffering
– Public Health Monitoring & Governance
– Privacy, Security, Legal & Compliance
– Dysfunction Delivery & Patient Satisfaction
– Financial Mis-Management & Leakages
– To Increase Medical Tourism

Healthcare Information Xchange

– The goal is to have patient information available to anyone who needs it, when they need it and where they need it.
– mHealth’s Healthcare Xchange and Cloud EHR can integrate with all ambulatory and hospital electronic medical records EMR/EHRs, lab & imaging information systems, practice management, e-prescribing, e-claims, document management.

Our Unfair Advantage

– BI & Predictive Analytics
– Prescriptive Analytics based on “Deep Learning” Machine Algorithm.

One Patient + One Chart = Better Care

The architecture of the software is ‘patient centric’ in design. Every record in the system is centered on the patient and the department details have been moved to the next lower level in the hierarchy. This has made possible significant improvements in data visibility and load handling and has allowed us to embark on a series of efforts to enhance the hospital’s effectiveness.

Our EHR dynamically create Medical Records that look just like the paper records currently used in Hospitals. Information captured at various points of care is collected and published as a complete medical record at the time that it is called for.