Patient portal in a Mobile

As delivery of digital information undergoes rapid change, smaller handheld devices are the first point of access for people around the world. Engaging the patient and the caregiver through their mobile device is now the next frontier. Aavanor is continually working on providing more functionality and access over mobile devices.

Our android app for patients lets them book appointments; fill forms and questionnaires before their visit and also during their care to continually update their medical status; receive interactive medication alerts; view and refill prescriptions; have tele-consultations with the doctor and make this a viable proposition all around by paying for these tele-consultations

mHealth Patient Portal…

mHealth Patient Engagement in a Mobile is a cloud-based platform that automates follow-up care; keeping doctors, patients and care-givers connected between visits with clinical information that is insightful, actionable, and engaging. Our peer-reviewed follow-up plans automate the routine aspects of care while tracking patient progress and monitoring clinical areas of concern. Our analytics engine sifts through and filters the deluge of patient-generated data in realtime; focusing the care team’s time and attention on patients who need them the most.


  • Book appointments with your facility
  • Self check in if visiting the facility in person
  • Reduction in Que time
  • Medication Delivery from Pharmacy
  • Receive interactive medication alerts
  • Dosage calculator
  • View and Refill prescriptions
  • View and share their medical history
  • Continually update their medical status
  • Carry a Digital Wallet linked to both their Insurance provider and Cash recharge
  • View their insurance plan and account balance
  • Scheduled remote tele-consultations with their physician
  • Have offline contact on private “Watsapp” with their care giver
  • Respond to the followup regime prescribed by their care giver from time to time and much more.


  • Gives Physicians More Time
  • Improved Online Ratings
  • More Control Over Patient Outcomes
  • 360 View of the Electronic Medical Record
  • View their Appointments
  • View their Que List
  • Engage with their patients by submitting self-care tasks, customized forms or questionnaires before or after the patient visit
  • Access to a dashboard view of the status of their patients well-being
  • In-box for their chats and “Watsapp“
  • Drug to Drug Interactions
  • Ordering refills of drugs
  • Prevent adverse health events and readmissions
  • Get insights on staff response times.