HIE Uncomplicated

Make HIE Uncomplicated

mHealth HIE Xchange can integrate with all ambulatory and hospital electronic medical records (EMR)/EHRs, lab information systems, practice management systems, e-prescribing systems and document management. It is based on the hub and spoke model of Inter Systems Ensemble interface engine, but has been modified and developed for the greatest ease of use while maintaining reliability, robustness and scalability.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

HIE is the electronic sharing of health-related information among organizations. Ultimately, HIE should improve patient care by providing lab test results, medical records, and other necessary health information from multiple sources quickly and securely.

Point-to-Point vs. and Interface Engine

The typical clinical facility, hospital or ACO has several HL7 enabled applications and devices. Yet each application, legacy system or device has different record format and needs its own interface. As the range of communication standards and development technologies expands beyond HL7, the communication needs become even greater.

Laboratories have similar challenges. They have their own lab information systems (LIS) which need to communicate with the electronic health records (EHRs) at hospitals, clinics, physician practices and ACOs, as well as billers and payers.

Point-to-point transmission is possible in a small network of sites. But as the number of interfaces multiplies, the risk of transmitting inaccurate data increases.

An interface engine acts as the hub between numerous legacy information systems, using standards messaging protocols. It captures the information, moves information according to rules defined for each interface, monitors the different interfaces and communication points and provides centralized visibility through a dashboard, including alerts when issues arise and the ability to correct errors.

The mHealth Xchange Solution

Looking for a solution to increase interoperability? Do you need seamless data exchange between practices, hospitals, clinics, labs and the whole health care community? mHealth Xchange is the answer.

mHealth Xchange provides secure application-to-application messaging for the health care industry, including clinics, hospitals, EMR.EHRs, labs, and payers. Supported transactions include lab results, radiology, patient demographic and transcriptions.

Using a hub-and-spoke model, mHealth Xchange enables standards=based messaging, secure data exchange and secure connectivity.

Features of mHealth Xchange include :