Benefits for Patients

  • People living in rural areas, or other areas without access to specialist care services, are able to consult with their healthcare provider without needing to travel a long distance
  • People living with chronic conditions, who need regular monitoring of their vital statistics (e.g. checking heart rate and blood pressure on a weekly basis) are able to send the information to their physician without needing to physically visit their physician
  • Individuals who are homebound (e.g. confined to a bed or wheelchair) will not need to travel to see their physician, instead, they can have a caregiver monitor their condition and send updates to the physician on a timely basis. This is especially beneficial for people recovering from the effects of stroke, a heart attack or serious car crash.
  • Having access to laboratory test results online will reduce the need for patients to visit their physician to have access to their test results
    The increased level of collaboration leads to patient-empowerment, which results in more patient-centric care provision