Lightning Fast Tele-Health Network & Services. Lightning Fast Tele-Health Network & Services. Build upon a solution that enables universal access, protects health information, and lowers IT costs.


Complies with IHE Interoperability Profiles and Industry Protocols


Securely transmit & access information through the latest encrypted web protocols. With Privacy, Legal and Compliance Framework

Improved Productivity

Remove complexities and challenges with user adoption while still providing the tools required for effective reviews and treatment planning.

Zero Foot Print

Requiring only a modern web browser, enable access to medical information and imaging data through zero client side installations and with zero clinical data downloaded to the client, protecting health information.
m-Healthcorp is an International Tele-Healthcare IT services company with its Regional Head Quarters in United Arab Emirates, created specifically to unite patients, physicians, providers, hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, laboratories, pharmacies and government who share a common goal of providing comprehensive and futuristic on demand facilitation & access to primary care facilities via our advance healthcare IT telemedicine network.
A “digital” health care cloud information network enabling integration & interoperability of real-time, life-critical data that will transform better health care delivery and save lives, while maintaining compliance.

mHealth market will reach $59.7 billion by the end of 2018, 20% growth in five years

93% Physicians find value in a Mobile Healt App connected to EHRs €99bn savings in healthcare costs European Commission - 2013
89% of Physicians would Recommend a Mobile Health App to Patients $400 billion of healthcare cost savings for OECD countries by 2017
Remote monitoring devices expected to become a $15 billion industry by 2017 The Top 3 Health issues, where a mobile health app linked to an EHR/HIE could make an impact
Top 10 apps generate 4 million free and 300,000 paid downloads/da Preventative Care (52%) | Diabetes (54%) | Medication Adherence(65%)
m-Healthcorp's management team is a composite of professionals tailored specifically to the vision, needs and mission of the company. Together they compile more than 80 years of on-the-job experience from their respective fields of tele-medicine and medical healthcare IT expertise. Their synergistic bond stems from their unique, diverse and collective connection to the rapidly-developing and highly specialized telemedicine industry.
Karl W. Feilder
Waleid Abdulkareim
Thomas T. Goslee
Chief Operations Officer
Dr. Qasim Latif, M.D
Chief Marketing Officer
Salah Abdel Razek
Director Sales
Afghan, Seyyed Yasha Ullah K
Chief Executive Officer
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